About us

We are a traditional Japanese guesthouse. The owner is called Kanade. He is an attentive, thoughtful and charming host. He speaks English quite well.
It is close to the main beach (75 metres), the bus line, convenience stores, and restaurants. There is a private beach around 1 kilometre away from the Ryokan. There are a number of kofun (built in Japan from around 250 C.E. to 538 C.E.), large burial mounds called tumuli in the area. An excavated kofun, with its revealed stone tomb is around 100 metres from the Inn, and open to the public. Bicycles are provided to guests free of charge, and there are some wide bike/ walking tracks next to the main roadway. Amino train station is 3.5 kilometres away, and Kanade kindly transported me to the station and nearby supermarket. Amino train station provides easy access to the tourist jewels of Amanohashidate (29.5 kms to the east); and Kinosakionsen (42.5 kms to the west), via rail connection to Kyoto, Toyooka interchange station (38.5 kms). The Ryokan has two luxurious onsen, filled by their private spring. Both the womens’ and mens’ baths, have indoor and outdoor hot pools. There is a spacious guest kitchen/ dining area, with a relaxing foot bath. Exquisite meals of regional cuisine are available by request, prepared by Kanade’s father.

About Kobamaso

Kobamaso is a traditional Japanese guesthouse, also referred to as a minshuku or ryokan. There are a total of five rooms, and each room is equipped with a toilet and a washbasin. When it’s time to sleep, “futons”(Japanese traditional style of beddings) are laid out on tatami mats. The size of the rooms varies depending on the number of people. If you wish to reserve two or more rooms, please consult with us separately. The hot springs are located on the first floor. 
In addition to the communal bath, there is also a private bath available for reservation. Guests who wish to have exclusive use of the bath can make arrangements for private access to the hot springs. The hot springs are 100% natural spring water, with no added water or heating. It is a completely natural hot spring with direct flow from the source, and it undergoes no processes such as reheating or circulation filtration. Nearby, there is also a beach suitable for swimming, making it a recommended spot for a leisurely stroll. We also provide four rental bicycles for your convenience

About Toemon

“Toemon” is the name of the annex or separate building of Kobamaso.It consists of two private rooms with views of the sea and mountains. Each room is equipped with hot springs, a shower, a kitchen, two Simmons beds, a living space, a toilet, and a washbasin. The name “Toemon” is derived from the signboard of the owner’s family restaurant.
In the borderland between the ordinary and the extraordinary, we have prepared special rooms to ensure that you can fully enjoy Kyotango City. We hope that you will experience the unique charm of Kyotango City that can only be found here and find joy in it.